Information for Competitors – Ladies

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1 Players must adhere to the Rules to prohibit Slow Play.

2 Competitors should take note that it is a “Condition of Entry” that, on qualifying, they are expected to play in the National and County Finals of the Championship or Competition entered.


 Greys for Evening Play, otherwise Whites. If authorised Club coloured shirts are worn, they must be worn by all team members. Approved shorts bearing the Bowls England logo may be worn. Whilst there is no condition in Bowls England events that all members of a team or side must wear shorts, it is a requirement that the colour worn below the waist is matching. Qualifiers for the National Championships at Victoria Park BC, Royal Leamington Spa, must wear the Registered County shirt.

4 Please report to the Duty Officer not less than 30 minutes before play is scheduled to start. Club stickers to be used in the Prelims & Rounds of 16. Thereafter coloured stickers may be issued.

5 Bowls should be placed on the bank of the green not less than 15 minutes before play is scheduled to start.

6 Should it be required, the “Reserve” day for the qualifiers will be arranged by the Competition Committee; arrangements for play will be advised as necessary. Please support the Clubs by purchasing your refreshments from them.  These will be provided at reasonable prices.

STAMPING OF BOWLS:  Bowls Devon and the English Bowls Umpires Association would like to remind competitors and officials of the rules regarding the Stamping of Bowls which might be used in the National Championships at Royal Leamington Spa 2018.

At the final stages of all National Championships, all bowls must bear a stamp in accordance with the current Laws of the Sport of Bowls.

Bowls will be checked for correct stamping during the county stages of competitions, but only for a legible date stamp of 1985 or later. It is only when you qualify to play at Royal Leamington Spa that you will be required to have the newer stamp.

Please consider this as a timely warning. Don’t leave it too late !!