Middleton Cup v Worcestershire – to be deleted

The team selected for the game against Worcester at Topsham on Saturday 8 July is as follows :


Dan Holloway (Unites Services)

Mark Perrott (Madeira)

Harry Goodwin (Kings)

Griff Sanders (Kings)


Rob Honeywell (Kings)

Simon Haywood (Shaldon)

Simon Broom (Culm Vale)

Michael Coombes (Shaldon)


Oliver Lucas (Shaldon)

Tom Davies (Shaldon)

Ryan Whitlock (Shaldon)

James Webber (Shaldon)


Steve Davies (Shaldon)

David Evans (Kings)

Lee Phillips (Topsham)

Robert Paxton (Crediton)


Gareth Foster (Topsham)

Stuart Evans (Shaldon)

Kevin Phillips (Topsham)

Ian Lesley (Shaldon)


Lee Haywood (Shaldon)

Sean Howard (Kings)

Matt bass (Kings)

Jamie Chestney (Kings)


Reserve to attend   Andrew Phillips (United Services)


Remainder of Squad      Louis Ridout (Kings), Sam Tolchard (Kings)