Johns Trophy Team

Kings BC have nine of their ladies in the Johns Trophy team selected to play against Warwickshire at Clevedon Promenade BC on June 2nd. There are three new players in the team, namely Jan Boyt (Kings), Lesley Coombes (Combe Martin) and Di Morley (Seaton) and congratulations to them on their selection. The full team, which will be captained by Liz Smerdon, is:
K.Atkinson, J.Barnes, C.Lenton, S.Tolchard, V.Stone, J.Boyt, H.Stevens, L.Smerdon, L.Coombes, S.Bywaters, C.Binmore, S.Evans, S.Quayle, D.Morley, J,Dawson, S.Parnell, V.Davis, T.McNeil, T.Thomas, J.Martin, J.H-Anthony, H.James, L.Hackett, N.Chestney