All players need to be advised that you will have to enter the 2021 Competitions as normal. You will need to complete the entry forms held by your Club. The closing date is 1st October 2020.
It is appreciated that entry fees were paid for the 2020 season and these will be rolled over until 2021. However, some Clubs may have reimbursed their players for the Major Competitions as this money was refunded by Bowls England/Bowls Devon. If this is the case, these players need to pay again.
All Competitions, at Section and County level, will be redrawn when entries are received.
If, for any reason, you are not intending to re-enter any Competitions, could your please advise your Club Secretary.
There has been some confusion over what needs to be done. We hope this gives a clearer picture. Any problems, please contact your Club Secretary.
On behalf of Bowls Devon Competitions Committee