National Championships 2018

There is extra incentive for the bowlers from Bowls Devon who have entered the National Championships in 2018 in that the County has been allocated a third qualifier in a number of the competitions. The Bowls England Regulations allow for any county with 5% or more of the total number of entries in that National Championship for the previous year to have three representatives at Leamington. Based on the 2017 entries, this entitles Bowls Devon to provide three representatives in the Men’s Four-wood Singles, Two-wood Singles and Fours and the Ladies’ Four-wood Singles, Two-wood Singles, Pairs, Triples and Fours. Presumably the third representative will be the winner of a game played between the two losing semi-finalists in that competition. The games for the Ladies are scheduled to take place at Torquay B.C. on Sunday July 22nd. The games for the Men’s Competitions are scheduled to take place at Newton Abbot B.C. (Two-wood Singles) on Saturday July 28th and at Exonia B.C. (Four-wood Singles) on Sunday July 29th. A date and venue will have to be arranged for the Men’s Fours.